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Dressing's Main Meals Omegas Vegan

Summer Festival Feast - Sweet Potato Curry and Chilli Slaw

This totally tasty curry is the ultimate summer feast, it reminds me of sunny days in the festival fields and is laced with hearty and flavoursome ingredients served with fluffy rice and a zingy slaw. 

Udo's Choice Salad Dressing

Mix Udo’s Oil with cider vinegar for a zesty healthy salad dressing or bread dip.


Coriander And Brazil Nut Pesto

Great served with fish and chicken or used as a spread on healthy homemade bread!

Carrot And Ginger Dressing

Spice up your salad with our tasty but nutritious carrot and ginger dressing. All the flavour and goodness to give you that much needed afternoon boost.