Cleanmarine Menomin are the official sponsors of the Menopause Success Summit
Friday, 06 August, 2021

Win Tickets for the Menopause Success Summit Event in 2021!


The upcoming Menopause Success Summit 2021 is set to be one of the most beneficial and informative events for women taking place this year. With 15 expert speakers taking part in this years’ online event, Cleanmarine is proud to be the official sponsor of the Menopause Success Summit! Even better, we are offering the chance for you to win a free ticket to the event by entering our competition, which we've provided a link for at the end of this blog. 


What is the Menopause Success Summit?

The purpose of the Menopause Success Summit is to provide clear and detailed information from a variety of experts regarding the menopause and to help and inspire women who are at various stages of their menopause journey. There’s a significant amount of misinformation out there and the Menopause Success Summit aims to take away the mystery of the menopause.

There’s an array of expert speakers attending this years’ event including the host; Catherine O’Keeffe, also known as the ‘Wellness Warrior’, who is a professional menopause coach from Ireland. Other speakers include:


  • Meaghan Esser – A nutritionist from Canada
  • Diane Danzebrink – A menopause counsellor from the UK
  • Amanda Thebe – An expert on women’s fitness and health from the USA.
  • Dr Zoe Williams – An NHS GP who is also one of ITV’s This Morning residents’ doctors.
  • Dr Lisa Mosconi – Director of the Women’s Brain Initiative and associate professor of Neuroscience in Neurology and Radiology at WCMC.
  • & many more!


The speakers will aim to cover all aspects of the menopause, including discussing issues that aren’t commonly spoken about on other platforms. Attendees can listen to what each expert has to say throughout the day and will have access to the recorded talks via a personal email link. Attendees will also be able to ask questions to the speakers via the platform chat box function.


Cleanmarine Menomin – The Official Sponsors

Cleanmarine are honoured to be the official sponsors of the Menopause Success Summit, and the event is the ideal fit for promoting the Cleanmarine Menomin krill oil supplement. Cleanmarine Menomin is a unique all-in-one omega 3, phytonutrient and vitamin blend, formulated specifically for perimenopausal and menopausal women.

Each capsule of Cleanmarine Menomin contains omega 3, biotin, rosemary oil and soy isoflavones along with a range of vitamins to provide nutritional support for this phase of life. Vitamin B6 contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity and along with vitamins B1 and B12, it also contributes to normal psychological function.

Menomin is the perfect product to use to support hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and will help to assist in the alleviation of symptoms associated with the menopause. However, Menomin can also be used as a standalone supplement for any women wanting to reduce menopausal symptoms.

According to Talkhealth, Cleanmarine Menomin can be thought of as your all in one peri and menopausal daily supplement. The effectiveness of Cleanmarine Menomin has also been tested via an open-label pilot study, which found that the supplement was able to alleviate some of the most worrying symptoms associated with the menopause, including but not limited to: hot flushes, difficulty sleeping, mood swings, lack of sex drive, anxiety, tiredness, and vaginal dryness. According to the study:

  • 84% of women felt that Cleanmarine Menomin had a positive effect on their menopause symptoms.
  • 77% reduction in Hot Flushes – for whom severe hot flushes were an issue, 77% saw a significant reduction in 30 days and continued to reduce throughout the study duration.
  • 66% improvement in Sexual Desire – for those who felt their menopause had a negative impact on their sexual desire, 66% of them noticed a significant improvement in sexual desire by the end of the study
  • 82% of women would recommend Cleanmarine Menomin to a friend.

Considering the test-proven effectiveness of Cleanmarine Menomin and the numerous reviews regarding how it can assist with relieving symptoms associated with the menopause, it is the perfect product to be sponsoring the Menopause Success Summit.


How to Win Tickets to the Menopause Success Summit 2021

We are offering the chance got entrants to win one of 10 tickets to the Menopause Success Summit, which have an RRP of €95 per ticket. To be in with a chance of winning the tickets, you simply must enter the competition by clicking this link and following the on page instructions. The competition closes on the 14th September, so be sure you are entered in good time to be in with a chance of winning! 



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